Ok, NOW I Believe In Miracles

This picture is amazing!
Let me briefly explain what's going on here:
The Driver of the white truck came from the far right side of the picture, then crossed into the "on-coming" lane. The driver then smashed through the barricade (again, coming from the right side of the screen) and went off the road. The truck went nose-first into the cement base, flipped end over end, and landed on the opposite side of the sewer ditch, facing the direction from which it came.

The remarkable thing? Neither the driver nor the passenger were seriously injured. They both walked away.

The Miracle? Look at the second picture.
(click to enlarge)

The Miracle:
(click to enlarge)

In case it somehow wasn't clear, this is a zoomed out picture of the truck wreck seen at first. Somehow, the driver and passenger escaped plummeting off the cliff into the canyon below.

What do you guys think?
  • Miracle of God?
  • Lucky Break?
  • It's Like "Final Destination" - They'll just be knocked off in some new, more imaginative way.
Lemme know!

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