Very Soon, They'll Be Able to READ YOUR MIND

This is not a joke.
This is not an exercise in sensationalism.
This is not paranoia over government secrets.
This is Real, Uncensored, Scary Life.

The team of Yukiyasu Kamitani, from ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories (in Kyoto), has developed a way to read people's minds.  This is possible due to a combination of an active MRI machine and very complicated computer software.  

"By analysing the brain signals when someone is seeing an image, we can reconstruct that image," says Kamitani.

"This means that the mind reading isn't limited to a selection of existing images, but could potentially be used to "read off" anything that someone was thinking of, without prior knowledge of what that might be."

So here's the good news: 
For now, all the CIA will be able to pull from your head is the single blocks of letters which you're staring at.  They hold up a 5x5 card with a giant "A" on it, and their computers will show you thinking of a foggy, gnarled looking "A."

Not that intense.

Here's the scary part:
In the same way that most technologies have developed in a short span of time, so this technology will develop into a very intrusive instrument to "determine the truth," as I'm sure its Master's will reason.  Let your imagination wonder long enough on this subject, and I bet you'll feel at least a TINY bit hesitant toward unleashing a machine that decodes our very thoughts.  

In my opinion, there are some frontiers that should never be triumphed; some rules that should NEVER be broken.  Such a frontier is human thought; such a rule is personal privacy.

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