Holland Township man names son after Hitler

Heath Campbell is a Holocaust denier who has three children named for Nazism. The names of his children are as follows:
  1. Adolf Hitler Campbell
  2. JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell
  3. Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell

Yes, this man is most likely insane.

Yes, the life of his children is going to SUCK.

Yes, when other stores refused to make birthday cakes with the kids names on it, Wal-Mart immediately offered their services.

As if the names alone weren't enough, the Campbell's have a history of what I like to call "swastikaphiling" or lovers-of-the-swastika. Here's an excerpt from the original text that explains what I'm talking about:

"There are swastikas on walls, on jackets, on the freezer and on a pillow. The family car had swastikas, Heath Campbell said, until New Jersey's Department of Children and Families told him they could endanger the children.

The swastikas, Heath Campbell said, are symbols of peace and balance. He considers them art."

For more on this crazy story, go to ther source, HERE



  1. This guy is crazy. I want to deck him right in the face, then take him to the remains of a concentration camp and show him around.

    How do people still not believe that all happened?!

  2. I'd like to call him an in-bred dunce, but I don't want to insult all the in-bred dunces out there.

  3. i feel sorry for these parents, im not saying that im stereotype but those names are nothing i would f@#! with, i mean REALLY HITLER!? i wouldnt deck him in the face then put him in a concentration camp,noooooo,i would put him in a concentration camp and see how they like that for hitler.assholes


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