Top 5 Ridiculous Action Figures

Due to the positive responses I received about the Male Nurse Action Figure, I decided to scour the net for more ridiculous action figures. After hours of deliberation, I have narrowed my list down to the following five. Worth noting are the "Big Lebowski" & "Bible Man" action figures, which were a close 6th and 7th.

5. Hurley (from Lost) complete with Golf Flag.

That's right! You too can own this Golf-Hole-Marker-Holding-Hurley for only $19.95 plus S&H!

4. "The Force," complete with empty box.

I'm pretty sure I would have bought this as a small child... Ok I bought one today.

3. Einstein, complete with beer belly.
  • I think it's appropriate to first see a photo that does Einstein some justice. After all, he was a very admirable man.
  • And now the toy that mocks him:

2. Freud, complete with creepy reputation.
  • The attached comment is really what broke the tie between Einstein & Freud.

And finally...

1. God, complete with Kalashnikov & Cloak of Invulnerability.
  • Someone somewhere sat in front of a roomfull of men, and somehow choked out the idea to have The Almighty dwarved into an action figure. As if that wasn't embarrasing enough, this same man went on to suggest supplying The Almighty with an AK-47 & a Cloak of Invulnerability. This group of businessmen concured with the idea, thus forfeiting their eternal salvation.


  1. I never fail to amazed by the stupidity of many business people. It is rivaled only by the stupidity of government leaders. The difference is that you can criticize the business person without having your background investigated.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing yet another example to our attention.

  2. Is the "The Force" action figure for real?!? It would be a great gift for a buddy of mine. If so, where can I get one?

  3. Ive had a few people tell me that the "Force" action figure was the winner or possibly runner-up in a "Photoshop Contest."

    Man that burst my bubble. I wanted that to be something I could grab as a gag-gift.

    O well. there's always The Almighty...


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