Computer Virus Infects Three London Hospitals

I couldn't believe this when I saw it.

The Mytob Worm got ahold of three of London's most important hospitals: St. Bartholomew's, the Royal London Hospital, and The London Chest Hospital. According to Sophos.com, this virus spreads via email or shared files. Upon infection, the virus plants a backdoor which allows a 3rd party to remotely connect & control the victim computer(s).

What this means is that the everyday routine of these hospitals was severly interrupted to the point that each hospitals efficiency, which translates to lives saved, dropped tremendously. Doctor's resorted to pen and paper, and "backup" procedures were implemented immediately so as to minimize the dangerous effects of Mytob.

But for anyone who's been the ER of a major hospital (or three major hospitals), you'll know that every second counts when it comes to saving lives. When you're forced to go about a routine procedure the "long way" because of no computer assistance, then you're wasating those vital seconds and minutes that could be used to save lives.

So while this "worm" didn't kill anyone directly, it definitely did a great deal of harm to the patients that the overwhelmed doctors were aiding.

*Story gathered via info from cnet, sophos, and The Register.

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