The Base System

Remember how back in highschool, it was normal to hear about what "base" someone had reached? You know... 1st base was typically kissing. I was always a little foggy on what 2nd base actually was. I always imagined it was heavy petting, but that was a guess at best. I figured 3rd base was really just heavier heavy petting. And a home run was... well... pretty obvious.

So a quick recap: 1st base (kiss), 2nd base (?), 3rd base (???), and home run (XxX).

And more than likely, I would have lived out the remainder of my life never truly understanding what 2nd or 3rd base was, had I not stumbled onto this from xkcd.com...

(Click to enlarge)

While somewhat explicit, the bases are clearly defined and quantified.

Mystery solved.

NOTE: Just like you've always heard, never Share Your Root Password with someone you don't love. When they have your Root Password, they really have a piece of you.

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