Review of Gears of War 2

Initially, I did not want to buy this game. I figured I should save my money for more practical things like the new World of Warcraft expansion! Just kidding. (If you're a fan of the whole W.o.W. thing, you should leave now... before I hurt you for wasting your life away.)

Anywho, I didn't want to buy it. I like a good shooting game as much as the next All-American male, but i generally like to play game that are somewhere within the bounds of reality. I start this whole shindig off with my preliminary distaste for the game because I want you to understand the significant amount of convincing that must have taken place for me to break down and buy the game. But convinced I was, and buy it I did.

Gears of War 2 is one of the best video game purchases I have ever made.
  • Compelling storyline? Check.
  • Amazing detail? Check.
  • Online Coop? Check
  • INCREDIBLE multiplayer? Check Check Horde Check Check
It is worth mentioning that the aspects of the game that are so compelling all revolve around your ability to play with other human players. So if you do not have Xbox Live, you would be missing out on some of the best parts of the game. Don't rush out and buy it, if you don't have Xbox Live. If you DO have Xbox Live, go out and buy it. Now. I'll wait...

Ok, now tha your back, we can continue. I'd like to focus on the "Horde" mode, which is a multiplayer setting. You and a group of 4 friends (or random online acquatainces) team up to fight wave after wave of the enemies that you encounter throughout the campaign. However, with each wave you defeat, the new waves come faster and harder. Every set of 10 waves or so, the enemy's health, accuracy, and number will substantially increase. So while waves 1, 2, and 3 were a cake walk, there's a good chance you won't make it past 8, 9, or 10. Oh... and did I mention there's 55 waves total? So even if you make it to wave 25 (which is a respectfully difficult challenge), there's still 30 more to go.

Personally, I have only made it to 38 before me and my team got just plain dominated. By that level, the enemy comes at us with cavalry, flamethroweres, machine gunners, mobile suicide bombers, rocket launchers, explosive bow-and-arrows, knifes, and giants that tote shields for their teammates and themselves to hide behind. I guarantee that if you play Horde, you will not be able to sit still or remain quiet. You'll be shouting "Watch out!" or "Over here!" more times then you'll be able to count, and you'll tell your pesty bladder to hold out just a couple more minutes while you teach that shielded giant a lesson.

All in all, I give this game my stamp of approval AS LONG AS the storyline & the multiplayer are played together. I'm sure many would disagree, but I cannot recommend this game merely based on the campaign alone.

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