Microsoft to Offer Free Malware Software

Probably for the first time EVER, Microsoft will offer useful software for free. Their new anti-malware software, codenamed Morro, will provide "...'comprehensive protection' from 'the majority of online threats', including viruses, spyware, rootkits and trojans" (techradar.com).

Another pleasant surprise from Microsoft is that Morro will be available for XP, Vista & Windows 7. Now from a consumer's perspective, I would've thought that Microsoft (known for their constant Monopoly attempts) would've put some sort of financial twist on this whole Morro project. Sure- maybe it's free, but ONLY for Windows 7. That way they push their new product & their wallet. But like I said- This is not the case! Nice job Microsoft.

...my cynical side is telling me: Just because you don't see their profit incentive for Morro doesn't mean it's not there...

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