Cyrus Virus

I 'bout wet myself when I read this from this forum :

"Well, i was surfing the net at college yesterday on my laptop, im allowed to use it in lessons to take notes etc.
I shut it down after my free period and went to physics, switched my laptop on, and upon startup it started some EXTREEMLY annoying music

I looked at it, tried to put some headphones in (sadly my headphons jack appears to no longer be working) and my sound panel is blanked out, so i cant control the volume (MUTE IT!)
eventually i gave in that physics lesson and just used pen and paper.

so i got home and tried to mess about a bit with it, it appears to have a strange virus.
It plays "Miley Cyrus - See You Again" upon startup, each and every time, and just repeats at full volume, it wont accept headphones (just sees them as not there and continues to play)

I found miley.exe as a process, and im assuming thats what controlling it, but when i close it, its just reopens itself and starts playing again

anyone have any ideas? As i absolutly hate pop music, and this takes the buscuit -.-"

So for those of you who skipped the paragraph for the recap, here you go. Basically, while sitting in class, our protagonist's laptop acquired a virus of epic proportions. First, the virus disabled the headphone jack & the audio controls simultaneously. Next, it forced the volume to skyrocket. And then the grand finale- "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus blasted on a constant loop.


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