Life Lesson

It's not what you know; it's who you know

I've always wanted to "go-it-alone" in life. I had ambitions to leave my family, start my career unattached, make necessary networking connections along the way, and excel at the things I attempted.

However recently, the big ugly stick of reality smacked me in the face- hard.

To make a long story short: I wanted to completely change the direction of my career, but as it turned out, I was not in a position to pull off the change without help. Despite my knowledge in the subject, my resume, and my work experience, I couldn't catch a break. So I had to suck up my pride and ask for help from other people and their contacts. (My asking for help like this is a clear indication that this was my last-ditch effort)

And here's where I learned my life lesson. I had spent/wasted weeks pursuing this "directional" change and had ended with about 0 new helpful contacts or leads. However, when I asked for help, it only took about a day before I heard of several "wow" opportunities.

And thus I learned: It's not what you know; it's who you know

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