My Condolences, Wii.

It's finally happened. Another company has come out with motion-sensing controller. Which company?, you might ask. While my money would've been on Microsoft, the actual culprit is Sony. That's right- amidst the whole Blue-Ray/HD DVD war, Sony's R&D was hard at work developing this:

Here's a brief description from GameSpot.com:

"Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment of America's patent application for a new input device emerged in the US Patent and Trademark Office's online database. The application, which was first filed in June, details a new motion-sensing controller whose most distinguishing feature is its ability to break apart and be put back together in a variety of formations. The patent application also details a "hybrid video capture and ultrasonic tracking system" to deal with motion-sensing."

Will this be the end of the Wii's reign?
How will this effect Wii's Console market share?
Time will tell.

No matter the outcome, one thing is for certain. Wii's unique and innovative technology has finally been raped and plundered.

My condolences, Wii.
Sony would use Samurai in their patent drawing...

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