1st Post

So I thought I'd give "Blogging" a go. I feel that I have a unique perspective on many things, and feel it's my duty to share it with the world. I have also been a part of some awkward situations, and I feel they'd be a waste if they weren't shared with others. Lastly, I enjoy discussing the newest trends in technology, whether it be computer security (all you White/Black Hatters), video games (all you fanboys and nerds alike), or the latest technological marvel (all you engineers).

So basically, I am interested in a wide spectrum of technology, but try my best to stay grounded in "Reality" through the use of culture (Dali), music, and friends.

My hope is that every reader can find something to take away, whether it be a story about how stupid I've been, or some new way the HLC will kill us all (jk...ok im not).

And thus, I christen this blog on its maiden voyage.

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